All Natural Color Blend Creations

The natural food market is exploding and the desire for naturally colored foods is quickly expanding, Color Blend Creations aims to stand in the gap for medium and small natural food producers, supplying them with the highest quality and freshest ingredients available for food coloring and decorating. Our natural food colorants contain no artificial additives and are made from only the purest fruit, vegetable and plant ingredients. We provide both liquid and powder form natural colorants in smaller more manageable bulk packaging along with a line of specialty bakery supplies and bulk vegan pearl nib sugar.
We know people “eat with their eyes first” so the importance of top quality natural food dyes and product enhancing finishes is paramount in the success of all natural food products today. Our colors, sugars and powders enhance visual appeal, which drive sales and increase bottom line profits, sadly synthetic food dyes have had the upper hand in these areas for many years with their neon color palettes, but we say no longer! Color Blend Creations knows there is a large and ever growing market of discerning consumers who demand natural food alternatives for their healthier and more active lifestyles. These consumers are well educated and more than willing to spend for the top quality products our clients produce.
Our clients are award winning artisan chocolatiers, five star hotel pastry chefs, commercial bakeries and budding entrepreneurial natural food enterprises.
Color Blend Creations is a centrally located Colorado proud company and our team looks forward to supplying all your natural food coloring needs.
All of our products are approved by the FDA and are exempt from certification. Colorants are also vegan.logo1

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