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Edible Gold Flake

A luxury item once only reserved for the world’s elite will soon be available to the entire culinary world and their discerning patrons. Color Blend Creations is pleased to present FlakeFetti™ made from only the highest quality all natural ingredients but yet affordable enough to enhance any menu item. FlakeFetti is a vegetable, plant and mineral based alternative to pure edible 24k Gold leaf & 24k Gold Flakes. FlakeFetti is completely adaptable to any flavor profile and intended to be flavored by you to compliment everything from savory presentations to your finest dessert offerings. FlakeFetti is easily enhanced with your favorite flavored oil.


“Give your patrons something to remember, first impressions & lasting memories have never been this affordable, a true visual delight on any menu item from appetizers and entrées to the dazzling finishing touch on your dining patrons dessert”
L. Whittaker CEO ColorBlendCreations


These natural colorants contain no artificial ingredients or additives and are also vegan. All of our products are approved by the FDA and are exempt from certification.

Edible Gold & Silver Flake

Edible Silver Flakes & Copper Flakes
Copper Flake
Edible Flake Colored Ruby
Silver Flakes
PurColour Edible Gold Flake
Flake Plate Decor
Edible Silver Flakes & Gold Flakes
Edible Gold Flake and Silver Flake Colored

Available Colors:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Ruby
  • Rose Quartz
  • Purple
  • Green
Edible Silver Flakes by PurColour

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